Baby, it's Hot Outside. Time to Talk Sexual Harassment
Posted at Arkansas Employment Law by M. McClure on 07/26/2009
heat heats up sexual harrassment complaints in ArkansasJuly in Arkansas is hot.  As the days get longer and ties get loosened, employers find themselves responding to more complaints of sexual harassment. The good news for business owners and HR professionals is that it is much easier to handle an harassment complaint then, say, a wage and hour class action.  

The law requires an employer who receives an harassment complaint to perform a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation and to stop the harassing behavior. Everything gets a little trickier if a supervisor is accused, but in many cases, an harassment complaint can be put to rest with an investigation and appropriate disciplinary action.  To help ease your summer workload, here's a round-up of solid investigation and harassment policy advice.  Take care of that complaint today, and get out to the lake!

EEOC's Enforcement Guidance on Harassment by Supervisors
. Check out section 1. e. regarding how to conduct an investigation.  

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